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This book, "The Passion", is one of the most important things available on this Website. Please read this short book. Our Lady, in Her final Message at Garabandal, asked us to "Meditate on the Passion of Jesus". Reading this book could be one way for you to do so.
The Passion

"The Passion" is the title of a short book spoken by Jesus and God the Father and Mary to Catalina Rivas, a Bolivian housewife. The book has an Imprimatur from the Archbishop of Cochabamba, Mons. René Fernández Apaza, dated April 2, l998.

I usually avoid superlatives, but the content of "The Passion" very credible.
Please do read it.

To download "The Passion" as a .PDF file
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This short book can also be downloaded from a Website named together with other good books spoken to Catalina Rivas.

If you have downloaded the Kindle‑sized version above, you can copy it to the 'documents' folder of your Kindle to make it available for reading.