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The main reason why this book is included on this Website for downloading is because St. Juliana's REAL Feast is associated with the predicted date of the Garabandal Great Miracle. See that Article.
Saint Juliana of Liège

It is generally accepted that Saint Juliana of Liège was the prime instigator of the Feast of Corpus Christi following apparitions that she experienced in the early thirteenth century.

To read Pope Benedict's views on her pivotal rôle, open the following webpage from the Vatican Website. To avoid closing this Webpage open the link in a new Tab or a new Window -

The ''trials'' referred to by Pope Benedict in that talk are just as common for us today as they were for Juliana in her time - mainly, ''character-assassination'' and the dreadful effects of same.

In 1873 a book entitled THE LIFE of ST. JULIANA OF CORNILLON, written by Brother George Ambrose Bradbury O.C., was published by Richardson and Son. Today, Saint Juliana is more commonly referred to as Saint Juliana of Liège. You can download copies of the book below.

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If you have downloaded the Kindle‑sized version above, you can copy it to the 'documents' folder of your Kindle to make it available for reading.

These downloadable PDF versions have been thoroughly checked for spelling, grammar and conformity with the original 1873 book. A very small number of obsolete words and expressions have been deliberately changed.

Original punctuation is retained. Some punctuation differs from modern punctuation.

Although Saint Juliana lived in the early thirteenth century, she was not formally canonised until 1869. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~