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Marian Apparitions at Medjugorje
since 24th April 1981

The apparitions of Our Lady that have been taking place in Medjugorje, which is in Bosnia-Hertzgovina, are the most prolific in all history.  They commenced in 1981 and are continuing today (15th May 2019).  The number of appearances of Our Lady runs into tens of thousands.  These apparitions are, at the present time, specific to the visionaries rather than the place.  In other words, if a visionary is away from Medjugorje, appearances occur wherever they are.  Among other places, a small number of these apparitions have taken place here in Dublin, Ireland, during visits by visionaries.

Originally six persons saw actual "visions" of Our Lady while some others heard Our Lady without seeing Her.  A most important example of this was Jelena Vasilj who received the first "Thursday Message" on Thursday 1st March, 1984.  At present only two of the original six visionaries continue to see Our Lady on a daily basis.

It would not be feasible to present in detail, on this or any other website, a full account of the apparitions.  The one common factor through almost all of the apparitions is that Our Lady gives messages.  She seeks to draw us to Her Son Jesus, the Incarnate Second Person in the Divine Trinity, through Repentence and Conversion.  She also emphasises that Satan really exists and that he is working very hard to encourage us to damage our relationship with God.

However, I have a special reason for bringing the reader's attention to the apparitions at Medjugorje.  There exists a unique little-known detail which I have found.  There is a precise timing relationship between the date of an important event in The Church and the dates of certain specific important events during the Medjugorje apparitions and locutions.

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There are other precise timing relationships associated with (i) apparitions, (ii) Church Events and (iii) visionaries themselves.  I have come to realise that, in line with God's fundamental rule for Himself of not prejudicing our free will, some of the precise timings that I have found have a built-in "obscurity factor" (or two) which allows them to appear "deniable" to those who are hard of heart.  It is vitally important to God's Plan for a Relationship with Us that no undeniable proof about Him should exist. Without unprejudiced Free Will we can never be like Him.

I have explained God's Plan for a Relationship with Us, and the need for Free Will, in the book The Single Most Important Truth - Open Home Page.