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Precise Timings - Apparitions

Medjugorje and a Church Event

Significant Church Event

Significant apparitions and series of apparitions seem to me to invariably be preceded by some significant development in the Catholic Church. I am proposing that the significant development in the Catholic Church which preceded the Medjugorje apparitions was the abolition of the monarchical status of the Papacy by Pope John Paul I and confirmed by Pope John Paul II. They achieved this, perhaps without being conscious of doing so, by having an inauguration ceremony which did not include a coronation. Popes Benedict and Francis have continued this. (See - para. “Humanising the papacy”)

Associated Medjugorje Event

Our Lady, at MEDJUGORJE, asked that we read frequently (my word’s) a passage from the Gospel of St. Matthew (Matt. 6.24-34). This is the precise Gospel reading (no more and no less) for Sunday 26th February, 1984. She made this request on the following Thursday (1-3-1984). This was the first reading of this passage on a Sunday since the start of the Medjugorje apparitions. The precise timing is as follows:-

(a) The time difference in days, both dates inclusive, between the inauguration of Pope John Paul II
(22-10-1978) and the date of the first, but abortive, alleged apparition at MEDJUGORJE (24-6-1981) is
(b) The time difference in days, both dates inclusive, between the second, but first “successful”, alleged apparition (25-6-1981) and the date of the reading in 1984 (26-2-1984) is also  

In itself the passage from Matthew (q.v.) is a most relevant message to modern Humankind.


This precise timing relationship may be an indication of God’s acceptance, or even delight, at the confirmation by Pope John Paul II in his inauguration ceremony of the non-monarchical status of the Papacy and what that entails in terms of the development of the Mystical Body of Christ.

ALSO, 977 is a prime number. Prime Numbers crop up again in some of these timing relationships.

The message about the reading/passage was given to Jelena Vasilj on Thursday 1st March, 1984, in what was the first of what are now described as the Thursday Messages. This particular day was the Thursday immediately following Sunday
26-2-1984, the date of the reading.

The message to Jelena Vasilj of 1st March 1984 is as follows -

"Each Thursday, read again the passage of Matthew 6:24-34, before the Most Blessed Sacrament, or if it is not possible to come to church, do it with your family."

Jelena Vasilj is not one of the well known visionaries
but she is a significant person in the Medjugorje Story.

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It is predicted that, at the time of the Great Miracle, a Permanent Sign will be left in Garabandal. A Permanent Sign is also predicted to be left in Medjugorje. It would be interesting if both occurred on the same day.